SSD Vs HDD for Boot

Recently I have got an 128Gb SATA Solid State Drive (Micron/Crucial M550) from CEX that cost me £38. I’ve also had a 2Tb SATA Hard Drive (A Western Digital Green) in my computer doing nothing as I have been running my PC of a 1Tb SATA Hard Drive (A Western Digital Blue).

With the 1Tb SATA Hard Drive as the boot disk it takes Windows 10 about 20 minutes from cold boot so the Hard Drive light stops in Windows. Once the system is booted it is fast but it takes about 15 minutes before I can really use the PC.

With the SSD installed, from cold boot to the hard drive light stops in Windows, that’s about 3 minutes. My system is usable after about 2 minutes.

As you can see, having an SSD boot drive makes the system a lot more responsive. The only program I have installed on the SSD is Chrome, otherwise every other application is installed on the 2Tb WD Green Hard Drive.

Even though the programs are installed on the 2Tb Hard Drive, because the swap file (or page file as it is now called) is on the SSD, the system feels a lot more responsive even though I have 16Gb of RAM in the system.

Below are the CrystalMarks scores for the SSD and the 2Tb Hard Drive.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Solid State Drive (SSD)

Both are connected via SATA II as that’s all my motherboard supports. For a full tech spec of my PC then please look on my about page.

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