Massive upgrade … Phenom X3 710 to FX8350

Today I have upgraded my PC from a Phenom X3 710 with the 4th core unlocked to the FX8350. Also with this upgrade I upgraded the case, CPU Cooler, Hard Drive and Power Supply. I have also bench marked both before and after to see the difference.The main reason for this upgrade was video encoding times. I didn’t want to spend money on getting a new motherboard, RAM and Graphic Card as they are all expensive upgrades and I would need another licence for Windows 10. So this is what I did.

After checking my motherboard can support the FX8350 CPU so I ordered one of Amazon along with the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler after reading the standard CPU cooler that comes with the FX8350 is rubbish and this one is a very good, cheap cooler. I also ordered the Corsiar Carbide 200R Case as the Hyper 212 is a very tall cooler and it wouldn’t fit in my old case.

Along with the above, I found out when I got it that the cables on my old un-named power supply wouldn’t reach the motherboard in the new case, so after a quick trip to my local computer shop I came home with the Corsiar CX550M 550 Watt power supply thats 80 Plus Bronze rated. This is important as it tells you it has been tested to supply a steady rate of power and efficient at doing it.

Also I got a second hand 2Tb Hard drive that I copied my installation over so the old 1Tb hard drive I have can now be for Data.

After building the PC and turning it on, I had no problems getting it to boot into Windows 10.

I did some benchmarks, results are below.

Cinebench R15 Test

Phenom X3 CPU Score – 252

Phenom X3 GPU Score – 49.62 FPS

FX8350 CPU Score – 629

FX 8350 GPU Score – 74.33 FPS


Encoding a 1m45s Video in 1080p with Filmora on high settings

Phenom X3 – 2m36.5s

FX 8350 – 1m44s


Farcry 2 – High – DX10

Phenom X3 – Average FPS 78.14 – Min FPS 34.23 – Max FPS 109.07

FX8350 – Average FPS 113.95 – Min FPS 84.38 – Max FPS 161.02

Farcry Primevil – High

Phenom X3 – Average FPS 44 – Min FPS 29 – Max FPS 57

FX 8350 – Average FPS 52 – Min FPS 44 – Max FPS 58


Dirt 3 – High

Phenom X3 – Average FPS 89.61

FX8350 – Average FPS 140.38

As you can see, the upgrade is a significant upgrade to what it was. Like I said before the main purpose of this upgrade was for Video Editing and there is a significant speed bump there. So in that respect I am now very happy with this PC and as I don’t game above 1080p, this PC should serve me well for at least 2-3 years.

The rest of the specs can be found on my about page.

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