CS:GO to YouTube

I recently streamed a CS:GO session to YouTube for the first time. Although the sound is not working 100% yet as I am waiting for some leads from Amazon I think it went well as I was testing the setup out and marked stuff for improvements. The same setup can also stream to Twitch.

Also a first, this is the first time I used my iMac to stream the game from my main gaming PC. This can be done because I am using the Hauppauge Rocket HD  PVR to do the encoding so it takes that off the slow Core 2 Duo CPU of the Mac.


Even with this setup, the CPU usage was hovering about 50%, which is not bad since the iMac is 10 years old (It was released in March 2008). At least it is one way of using old hardware still.

Also another advantage of doing it this way is you can see the FPS and Memory/CPU usage, which you couldn’t when my main PC was doing all the hard work.

The only thing I have to do is get a switch so both PC and Mac can be on a wired connection and boost my internet speed so my upload speed is a bit faster. Both of which I will get done by next month as that is how long the leads I need will arrive from Amazon.

If you would like a post or video about my setup next month when it is all done and how I have done it then please comment below.

The video can be found here.

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