Video Editing Software

When you think of Video Editing software, one company comes to mind straight away, Adobe with there Premier software. There is one drawback to that though, its a subscription based software, and I hate that.

Subscription software is a bane that I hate, its there just to make the company money, nothing to do with us consumers. They say that you get the latest and greatest software from them, but apart from professionals, who use more than 10% of the features of the software? One other thing I hate about subscription software is if you stop paying for it, you loose the software so all the money you have paid to it is wasted.

For the cost of less than 6 months subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud – see screenshot below for the price plan, I can recommend 2 very good video editors that you DON’T have to pay a subscription for and you get good assets as well.

Adobe CC

Pinnacle Studio.

The first video editor I can recommend is Pinnacle Studio. I have version 19 but the current version is 21. The reason why I have version 19 is my local Maplin store had it for £40. The latest version is 60 for the cheapest version and £115 for all the bells and whistles including 4k editing and unlimited tracks. This software does everything I want, it has plenty of assets (1500+), project bins to sort your video clips out, a simple timeline editor with 6 tracks to edit with (I have the lowest version) and a good title editor. It also comes bundled with some screen capture software, which I do not use as I use the Nvidia Share (used to be called Shadowplay) as it uses a lot less system resources to capture whats on the screen.

Pinnacle Studio 19

Also this software supports CUDA operations, so it can use the power of my GTX 1050 Ti to render the effects I apply to the video as well. It also supports Radeon Graphic cards for effects as well.

The version I have can output files up to 1080p, which is all I need but if you need 4K you have to upgrade the software to the top of the line package that costs £115. This is only 7 months subscription to Adobe CC.

You can buy extra effects and assets that are royalty free from the E Store if you like, but I have found the included effects and assets are plenty.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is another top notch video editor. This costs £79 for the program that includes a lot of free assets (about 1000) and and E Store to buy more. It can get expensive for the assets, last count if you bought all of them it costs north of £700 for them all.

One thing I really like about Filmora is the clean interface. The assets you get with the software are also of high quality.

Out of the box it can also edit up to 4k and support graphic card acceleration like CUDA.


I did find however that the rendering was slower on Filmora than on Pinnacle Studio 19, though the software is easier to use than Pinnacle Studio. I also think you can do more with Pinnacle Studio than you can with Filmora, but if all you want to do is create simple videos, then Filmora is a top notch, easy to use video editor.


Well there you have it, 2 very good video editors that wont break the bank and are simple to use, especially Filmora. Pinnacle Studio is for the more advanced video editor.

If you already have the assets you want, then a very good pro level FREE video editor is Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 14. You don’t get any assets with the free version but it is industry leading in colour correction and is a very good video editor to boot.

Included with Adobe Creative Cloud is some cloud storage, but is that really needed in the age of large cheap hard drives and NAS boxes, you do have a NAS box right?

All the software above was used on the system that specs are on my about page. The system is no where near a speed deamon as you can see, but the software all ran good on it and I didn’t have any lagging when scrolling on the time line with any of the software when editing 1080p video’s for my new YouTube channel. My old one that I used Filmora a lot can be found here.

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