Cleaning PC and New Graphic Card

Well, this week I got a new Graphic Card, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. This budget graphic card is ideal for my PC as it can play any game at 1080p (that’s the max resolution of my monitor) on High Settings and is a big set up from my GeForce 730GT.

The GTX 1050 Ti has 4Gb of GDDR5 memory and 768 CUDA cores, that’s a big set up from the 730GT that had 1Gb of DDR3 memory and 96 CUDA cores.

One thing I do like about the GTX 1050 Ti is it only uses 75W of power, and doesn’t need an extra power cable. My PSU is only a 500W part and does not have the connections for the 1060Ti for instance. Another thing is the price, the GTX 1050 Ti at the time of writing this is £150 compared to £200 for the GTX 1060 Ti 3Gb version. while this may not sound much, just remember that my monitor can only display 1080p and the GTX 1060 Ti would not have made any difference in performance but would use more power and I would have had to get another PSU, which can add another £50 at least to the price.

For those who dont know, GDDR stands for Graphic Double Data Rate, GDDR5 is 2 times faster than GDDR3 which in turn are 2 times faster than GDDR2. A good article about DDR and GDDR can be found here.

What does this relate to. Well 3 things for me :-

  1. Better game play. For instance No Mans Sky ran at  15FPS on the 730GT on low settings where it now runs at 30FPS on High settings on the GTX 1050 Ti
  2. More Graphics Ram and Cuda Cores = faster video encoding times and real time scrubbing on the timelines. The 730GT was ok at this but I can notice its a lot smoother scrubbing the timeline with the GTX 1050 Ti and the videos encode a lot faster.
  3. Nvidia Shadowplay (Its called Nvidia Share now). This allows recording of games with only a 5% tax on the system compared to 25% tax using screen capture software. This is especially important as I will be doing a YouTube channel soon on PC Game Reviews from

Here is a screenshot of GPU-Z :-


So while I installed this graphic card, I took the opportunity to clean the PC out. Well I went more than that, I rewired the PC as well, so all the cable junk now goes behind the Motherboard back plate so not in the way of the airflow and installed a fan in the back of the case to push out the hot air from the PC.

I also took the heat sink off the CPU and cleaned that by taking the fan off it and using an old toothbrush to clean the heat sink. I used the toothbrush to clean the fans in the case as well.

Thanks to this, the CPU is now running at 25c instead of 35c when doing nothing. Another bonus with this is its now a lot easier to work in the PC as there are no cables getting in the way.

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