New Ships and YouTube Updates

Well, its Friday so a new Video has been released on my YouTube Channel, This one is called State of STO, 1 year on.


While STO has been out on the PC for 10 years or so, its only got released on consoles last October. The video is about what I think the state of the console version is now.

The Video can be found here.

New Ships

A new class of  ships got released yesterday, just after I finished recording the video above. I got one of them, will be reviewing it next week.


In the video I said that they would be like a T6U ship, I think that’s a good assessment. While against the cousin to the above ship, the Tactical Command Battlecruiser, you loose out on Hanger Pets and Command Abilities, you gain in an extra console slot (universal) and Miracle Worker abilities. You also get something that’s called the Innovation Effects, think Command Abilities on steroids. This is why I think this is a T6U ship more than a standard T6 ship, along with the extra console slot.

The Innovation Effects are as follows :-

  • Instinctive Rerouting: Bonus to All Subsystem Power.
  • Containment Layering: Temporary Hull (based on Max Hull).
  • Heisenberg Decoupling: Secondary Shields (based on Max Shields).
  • Plasma Conduit Purge: Self-Targeted AOE Plasma Damage-over-Time.
  • Ingenious Solutions: Bonus to Recharge Speeds for Bridge Officer and Captain Abilities.
  • Barclay Maneuver: Photonic Copy of your starship which uses Ramming Speed on a nearby foe.

The best of these abilities is the Ingenious Solutions and the worst I would say is the Barclay Maneuver, which while looks good doesn’t do much damage.

The way this works is you will get one of the above as random, then have to set off some powers in sequence, but doesn’t need to be all one go. So for the Barclay Maneuver you need to set off a tactical power 3 times for it to activate for instance. But you can in the middle use Engineering or Science abilities and that wont reset the system, just wont count towards it.

There is a 10-15 second cool down between the powers.

Apart from that, it fly’s like a normal cruiser. Is it worth getting? Well you will have to wait till next week and watch my review of it 🙂

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