Retro Computing – WordPerfect in DOS

I recently took Linux of my old iMac and changed it to Windows XP. Now this machine will never be on the internet but it doesn’t need to be, here’s why.

After watching Lazy Game Reviews on YouTube I wanted to get into retro gaming after seeing a Total Annihilation box on one of his excellent videos. Well I have an old PIII laptop and an old iMac that wasn’t really doing much, so I have put on them Windows 98 on the laptop and Windows XP on the iMac.

Another thing I got from Lazy Game Reviews is website called where you can buy old games that will run on modern machines. One of the big things I really like about this website is all the games are DRM free and you can install them without an internet connection. All I do is download the installation files once you have bought them then copy them to my NAS for backup and also put them on a USB to install on my iMac. That way my iMac is never on the internet at all.

Going through some of my old disks I discovered I had Word Perfect 6.2 Office for DOS. Well I had to try it out, so I installed it on my PIII Windows 98 Laptop and fired it up. Wow, what a bast from the past. I now uses this as my main Word Processor. Why, well there are no distractions when you type. It’s just you, The blue screen in front of you and the lovely gray characters that show up. Ive even installed it on my iMac via DOSBox and it runs fine. Word 97 that I have installed pails in comparison but it will still read the WordPerfect files so I can print them off as my Printer works with Windows XP no problems via USB.

WordPerfect 6.2 for DOS

The image above is me writing a script for an up and coming YouTube video in WordPerfect 6.2 for DOS running in DOSBox on Windows XP.

Has Word Processors come a long way since then, no, I think they have gone backwards.

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