Upcoming Video to my YouTube Channel

A new video will be released at 8am Firday morning, and it is a bit of a departure from my normal review a new ship type of video, this video is all about the 2nd ever T6 ship I bought, the Tactical Command Battlecruiser.

You can access my channel at https://youtube.com/c/DorienMkvenner75.

Cover Image

This ship used to be called the USS Talaxia, but has been renamed the USS Firestorm. A lot has changed since I last did a video on this ship. The weapons are mainly crafted now and I use more fleet consoles on the ship. The ship also uses the Kobali space set as well including the Warp Core from the Kobali Samsar Cruiser instead of the AGIES set that was on it the last time I did a video on this ship.

The traits have also changed, but you will have to watch the video for that lol.

I also do 3 battles on the video, Japori, Undine Assault and The Breach. The battles will be time stamped in the video description so you can jump straight to them.

As always, please subscribe if you like my videos on YouTube.

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