YouTube Channel Updates For Week Ending 17/11/2017

Its been a busy week on my YouTube Channel that’s dedicated to Star Trek Online for the XBox. Every Friday I will post what I have done on my channel here.

You can access my channel at

Fleet Phantom Escort Build

maxresdefault (4)

First video is about the Fleet Phantom Escort. This is a cannon build that’s good for the Undine Assault PVE.

Video Here.

Melting Pot Run Through

maxresdefault (2)

This Video is a Run Through of the Melting Pot episode, the new episode that came with Season 14

Video Here.

Drannur Gauntlet Play Through

maxresdefault (1)

This Video is all about the new Drannur Gauntlet PVE queue here you can get resources for the new Colony Fleet Holding.

Video Here.

Battle Montage Part 2 and FREE Uniforms

maxresdefault (3)

This video I show you how to claim your FREE uniforms until the 28th November 2017 and also some battles that consist of :-

1. The Breach – Advanced.
2. Japori.
3. Dranuur Gauntlet – Normal.
4. Crystaline Catastrophe – Advanced.

Video Here.

Dranuur Colony Easy Resources


In this short Video I go through how to get easy resources from the new Dranuur Colony for the Fleet Holding of the same name. You can do this every hour.

Video Here.

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