Blue Snowball Ice Microphone

Recently my GF got me an early christmas present, the Blue Snowball ICE. The Snowball ICE is a good USB microphone that works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Its as simple as plugging the USB cable in.

Blue Snoball Ice

As you can see from the image above, the microphone is an odd shape but it captures the sound very good. One of the main reasons why I like this microphone over my old one is the softness in my voice that it captures and also it is a directional mic so only captures the sounds that come from in front of the mic, not the background sounds.

Blow are 2 audio files, The top one is from the Blue micophone, the next one is the old microphone. Both was recorded in Audacity and the only thing I did to both is run the compressor on them.

The Blue Microphone Test


The Old Microphone Test

Audacity is a very good open source audio recorder and editor that I use with my capture device to edit the audio (mainly use the compressor.) I use the compressor to balance the audio out so it is all at the same level.

For a microphone that is about £50 I think it is a top notch microphone for hobby YouTube publishers like myself.

For a full YouTube video that I use the Blue Microphone for the first time with, before I knew about the compressor command in Audacity, please click here.

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