YouTube channel updates this week.

This week there was only 2 videos uploaded to my YouTube Channel, that’s the usual amount of videos I try and do per week. Here they are :-


First off is a Battle Montage for my Romulan Engineering toon. The battles I go through are Hive Onslaught, Undine Assault and Crystalline Catastrophe all on advanced. The video can be found here.

Cover Image

The next video is an update review of the Tactical Command Battlecruiser for the Federation. This was once my most powerful ship in my armada and it is again with this build. The video can be found here.

Openshot Video Editor and htop

Recently I upgraded my main PC CPU from a 2 core Athlon II X2 240e to a Phenom II X3 710. The main reason why I did this even though the Athlon II X2 is clocked 200Mhz higher then the Phenom (2.6Ghz vs 2.4Ghz) is that the Phenom has a large L3 cache (6Mb for the Phenom Vs 0Mb for the Athlon X2) and an extra CPU core. The Athlon X4 was more expensive and it doesn’t have a L3 cache. Continue reading “Openshot Video Editor and htop”