Good Customer Service and Update by TomTom

Recently both of the straps I had for my TomTom Runner 2 Cardio+Music GPS watch snapped, one while I was asleep and one during a run. I posted this picture to twitter saying not good TomTom …

Broken TomTom Straps

Chelsea from TomTom got back to me within a few hours of me posting that picture asking for proof of purchase and some details so they can send me some new ones. Unfortunately I didn’t have the receipt for the watch itself but I got one of the straps of Amazon so I sent then a screenshot of the order from them, which was 1 year to the month old. I wasn’t really expecting them to replace the year old strap but after about a week I got an email from TomTom saying they was sending me a new strap out free of charge and gave me a tracking number with it. Kudo’s to TomTom for excellent Customer Service.

The day one of my straps snapped TomTom also pushed an software update out for the watch. There was for me 2 very important things this update did. First one was Notifications from when you get phone calls or SMS messages. This works both with Android or iPhone. I used to own an Android Ware watch and the 2 things I used the watch for was notifications of Phone Calls and SMS and controlling Runtastic, as that was the fitness app I was using at the time before I discovered Strava (and the fact that Strava allows other GPS trackers to link to there app like my TomTom, where Runtastic doesn’t allow TomTom to connect, and almost every person who I know that is into running or MTB uses Strava) the TomTom now does everything I want plus more in a “Smart” watch as it can play music to Bluetooth headphones as well where the Android Ware watch I had didn’t, plus it has 5 day battery life with the tracking features (Steps, Sleep, Heart Rate) on and that goes down to 10 hours if you use GPS, but who goes for a 10 hour bike ride or run unless you are an ultra runner?

The other big thing with the update is Auto-Pause. Before this update the app used to do the auto pause after you synced the data to the phone or PC, but with this update it does it on the watch, which is a lot better.

Auto Pause

This way the metrics on the watch is more accurate so you know how fast you have been doing.

They have pushed out another update since then which does “Workouts” on the watch. I am not interested in this so I don’t know what that feature is like.

Overall, this watch does exactly everything I want in a “smart” watch now, with the added bonus in that it gives good battery life and is water proof.

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