Subscription Services – The Down Side

Today, Microsoft announced that Groove Music is shutting its doors at the end of the year. Well am I glad I didn’t use the service. This is the problem with subscription services in my opinion. You are at the whim of the company that provides the service.

Personally for music I use Google Music to buy my music, download it to my Synology NAS as a backup if Google ever decides to get out of the music business, at least I still have all the music I bought (and to be honest, its very rarely I spend £10 per month on music, or movies that matter, to justify the price tag of subscription music) .

I use the Google Play Music app on my iPhone and iPad to play the music and manage the play lists, but if they do stop that I can use DS Audio (Android and iPhone) to play the music from my Synology. The only thing I would loose are my playlists, which I can easily rebuild on DS Audio.

Same goes for Movies, I use Google Play Movies as my primary source of Movies, as if Google does every decide to shut it down, they have to provide me a way to keep the movies I bought. Main reason why I use Google over iTunes (though I do have a lot of old movies on iTunes, and have downloaded them onto my MyCloud NAS as backup) is that you can get Google Play Movies anywhere (If there is not an app for Google Play Movies then you can use the YouTube app to watch them, and that is everywhere. I think services like Netflix and Now TV are a waste of money due to the fact you never own anything.

We are going to a subscription world (hell you can now get subscription dog food, which is just a complete joke, whats wrong with going to the shop to get your pets food, you might end up getting a toy for your best friend as well) and I don’t like the way we are going in that regard. Yes I may be old fashioned but that’s the way I am.

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